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Miles Offside

Sep 27, 2018

Don't worry, we keep things very speedy this week, in and out... Arcade games, airport departure lounges, and Oscar's secret previous life as a competitive eater all get a run out, as do jazz mags...

Mendy's driving issues, Jose losing his players and whether West Ham will turn it round are also touched on if you prefer...

Sep 20, 2018

Episode 15 finds us returning to the important business of club football so at no point will you hear any toilet stories or lengthy talk of saxophone solos; we promise*

*not an actual promise

We do cover the emergence of a Premier League top 3 and give you the first rundown of the Miles Offside Predictor League places!

Sep 14, 2018

With no Premier League football from the last week to dissect, the boys do what they do best and stray Miles Offside (TM). We take this opportunity to go through some listener questions that we've kept in the tank for just this eventuality! Hear some embarrassing stories and hear Oscar's personal motto, we'll leave you...

Sep 6, 2018

Lucky Number 13! In this week's episode, the boys discuss the current state of strikers in the Premier League, what's going on with a few teams that are supposed to be midtable, and check back in on the half and half scarf scandal.

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