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Miles Offside

Mar 31, 2021

It's an international break, which means it's time for a SUPER MEGA BLUFFER SPECTACULAR!! It was, as you might imagine, a complete and total mess! Root for chaos!! Also, listener questions about individual Premier League brilliance, music festivals, and crumpets...

Listen to Oscar's quarantine playlist here:

Dec 29, 2020

We take a break from football (it'll probably be our most popular episode to date) to do some Christmas games and quizzes in this netherzone between Christmas and New Year.

Here's to a better 2021, thanks for listening!

Listen to Oscar's quarantine playlist here:

May 13, 2020

The quiz trilogy no one asked for but everyone inexplicably loves comes to its conclusion! The winner will be showered with praise, the losers will be taunted and booed until our throats are sore! Also listen on for exclusive K-League stats...

Listen to Oscar's quarantine playlist here:

May 6, 2020

After a decent amount of actual football talk (I know, right?!?!), The Bluffer is back with a vengeance. Tune in to see how the boys do with a new set of quiz categories and a little more experience with the game. Plus, the usual weekly installment of Isolation Recommendation Station!

Listen to Oscar's quarantine...

Apr 29, 2020

In these 'unprecedented' times (at what point is a precedent set...) we need something to cheer us up and here it is! The lads play a game of 'The Bluffer' and if you want to know what the hell that is, tune in and find out!

Listen to Oscar's quarantine playlist here: