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Miles Offside

Aug 29, 2018

We're not sure if you've heard, but José's won three Premier League titles... three. It seems pretty important to him so we discuss whether that even matters anymore, whether Liverpool's great start makes them contenders, and Oscar and Ian see if they can irritate Chuck to the point where he quits the pod!

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Aug 23, 2018

The Premier League is back, and so are the Miles Offside boys! In this episode, we discuss whether Liverpool can challenge City for the title, how Arsenal and Chelsea are adjusting to their new systems, and start the countdown clock on Mourinho's tenure at Manchester United. Also the usual listener questions and...

Aug 11, 2018

We found some unexpected time and decided to talk about the thing that brought us together for our double-digit episode, fantasy football! We go through the differences between the classic FPL game and the draft format with some drafting tactics if some of you are waiting until things have settled down before doing...

Aug 4, 2018

Oscar and Chuck treat you to a deep dive on their clubs(Chelsea and Palace) like only a jaded fan can! And the rest of the league gets discussed via a predictor game that you can enter, a team draft game among the three amigos, and a listener question that derails us entirely!

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